When you love a country and it doesn’t love you back,
No one cares how you feel, no one cares for the facts.
You try to be the best you for all,
You’re criticised every time you fall.
There’s no love anymore just hate from every side.
Your friends aren’t friends, your enemies take pride
In seeing you crumble beneath the tide.
Every splash becomes a crash.

The waves you make are drowned in envy,
The true friends you make are one in twenty,
No one cares about the good you do,
But it’s a show if they see you lose.
To survive, it’s difficult, you need to be strong
Because there’s always someone who will do you wrong.

Head down in thought,
All the battles you’ve fought,
All the pain, you bled,
Remember, you’re not dead.
You’re on this earth, you still have time,
To achieve success, to improve, to shine.
At the end of it all you’ll look back and see,
You’re grateful for those who didn’t want you to be,
Didn’t want you to live,
Didn’t want you to love.
Didn’t want you to win,
Didn’t want you above.

You have to succeed,
No matter what.
You’ll look back and appreciate every battle you fought